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About me

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Hi, I am Shivendra Singh, User Experience Designer by Profession and I love to do the User Experience Design which includes Wireframes, User Interface Design , Usability Testing, User Research, HTML, CSS and some Java Script.

Done Post Graduate Diploma in Design for Digital Experience from National Institute of Design, R & D Campus Bangalore.

I am a Photographer, Adventurous and Gamer by passion, i Loves to do Photography, Explore Places and Play Games when ever i get time.


User Experience Design

User Experience Design services includes Discovery, Personas, Flows, Information Architecture, Wireframes, Navigation, Usability Testing, Visual Design for Web, Mobile, & Tablets.

User Interface Design & Development

User Interface Design & Development services includes Wireframes, Visual Design, HTML, CSS, Search Engine Optimization, Browser Compatability, etc.


Print Media & Publicity

Print Media & Publicity Services includes Logo, Brochure, Poster, Banners, Newspaper Advertisment, Viral Video, 2D & 3D Animation, Web Mailers, CBT's, etc.


User Experience of Interactive Television Applications

The Project was to Enhance the UX of the EPG with internet contents like Social Media, Vodeo on Demandalso Address the newer challenges in the ITV space apart from usability aspects, interfaces using Remote Control, Navigational Model and incorporate newer technologies into existing platform.

Process: Brainstorming, Market, Domain & User Research, Conceptualization, Analysis & Usability Testing.

Mobile Social Game

To design a mobile social game as inclusive as possible by taking advantage of different interaction modalities. The game should be based on actions that take place on a mobile device as well as on a shared, touch based display placed in a public area. The game should engage multiple players.

Process: Brainstorming, Generic secondary research, User research, Conceptualization, Analysis & evaluation.

Shape Grammer - Tool

To give the society a tool which uses shapes, shape rules, and some compilers to come up with different forms, to help users develop the forms and their creative abilities. To learn Shape Grammar, and their rules and teach the user the shape rules and a multiplayer game learning shape rule and generate patterns.

Process: Finding needs, Literature study, Teach shape rule, Game to learn rule and generate patterns.

Online Food Ordering System

To learn the craft of user interface design, such as creating profiles, personas, mood board, need chart, wire frames, prototyping, usability testing and final output. Fast web application providing user convenient option of ordering different types of food depending on the location from where you are ordering.

Process: Study of existing system, Interviewing people, Creating profile, personas, need chart, scenarios, task flow, Prototyping, Usability testing

Bihar Tourism - Brochure

The Tourism Brochure for Goverenment of Bihar for promotion of tourism in the state.

Done in the year 2007 and published by the government of bihar in year 2008.

Website Design Sample

One sample of website design works done in year 2007.

For the latest work on the Web Designing, please contact me via mail.

Interactive Media - NID

To help the user with an desktop application which gives them access to the Folders on NID Server as well as the access to NID mail. To learn the latest trend in application programming so learnt Adobe Flex & Air.

Process: Finding needs, User study,. Simple application to access

Graphic Design Samples.

Some Graphic design works for different clients including Bihar government, Gujarat Pradesh Congress Committee, Bihar State Hydroelectic Power Corporation LTD, J D Women's College.

All The works are done in the year of 2005 to 2010.

Currently Working On

I am currently working on many new things, from Web to Graphic.

Doing Information Architecture, Wireframes, Visual Design, User Experience Design, User Interface Design, Web Development, Logo design, Brochure Design, and many more.

Come again soon to see what more new things are here.

Want to Know what I am Working on Currently. Contact me.

Write me

Contact Me via Contact Form or E-Mail or Phone for My Latest CV & Portfolio or Any Related Works from me.

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Karnataka, India, Pin-560034
Phone: +91 92417 75050, E-mail: mail@shivendra.in